Hi. I’m Chrissie. I currently live in the West Midlands, near to Birmingham, UK. As a creative type, I’m enthusiastic about arts & entertainment in general, although I have a preference for classic over contemporary. I’m not old-fashioned; I just know what I like…

I think Orson Welles is the world’s greatest genius. If I could pick a person alive or dead to have dinner with, it would be Orson. I don’t think I’d get to talk much, but that’s part of the appeal! 🙂

I’m a big fan of West Highland Terriers! I’ve had three in my life; Fred Senior (1994-2002), Fred Junior (2004-2018), and mostly recently Tikki, born March 2017, who I welcomed into my life in April 2018, two months after losing Fred Jr at the age of 14… a hole so vast I couldn’t leave it empty. See pics below.

Dog Pix

Tikki the Tickster, Summer 2018!

Tikki Summer 2018

Me and Fred: November 2004 and February 2018 (shortly before he passed).

Me and Fred November 2004

Me and Fred February 2018