Hi. I’m Chrissie. I currently live in Solihull, roughly seven miles outside the centre of Birmingham, UK. I’m enthusiastic about arts & entertainment in general, hence my creative bent, although I have a preference for classic over contemporary. I’m not old-fashioned; I just know what I like…

I think Orson Welles is the world’s greatest genius.

I’m a big fan of West Highland Terriers! I’ve had three in my life; Fred Senior (1994-2002), Fred Junior (2004-2018), and mostly recently Tikki, born March 2017, who I welcomed into my life in April 2018, two months after losing Fred Jr at the age of 14… a hole so vast I couldn’t leave it empty. See pics below.

I have wide-ranging skills & experience in editing, design, film-making & video editing, journalism and illustration. I have additional experience as a researcher, assistant, and in various admin capacities. I have excellent literacy and visual sense; I’m ideas-driven, with a good eye for detail and strong organisational skills.

Notable past & present clients include Arrow Video, the BBC, Made in Birmingham TV, Big Centre TV, the Dark Side magazine, Fear magazine, the ICA London, Quality Communications and Brainstorm Studios.


Tikki the Tickster, Summer 2018!

Tikki Summer 2018

Me and Fred: November 2004 and February 2018 (shortly before he passed).

Me and Fred November 2004

Me and Fred February 2018

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